Flex Handles

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flex handles

3088D Den-Con Rotary Slips - RDS, RD, RDL
3088V Den-Con Drill Collar & Casing Slips - SDC, UDC, LDC, CL, 3CL
3088V Varco Drill Pipe Slips - SDS, SDML, SDXL
3088V Varco Drill Collar & Casing Slips - DCS-S, DCS-R, DCS-L, CMSXL
3088WB Woolley “B”
3088WA Woolley “A”
3088XL Woolley “XL”
*3088DU Baash Ross “DU”

All Den-Con flex handles except the DU are designed to fit the slip universally. The same handle is used for left, right, and center.

*The DU center handle is different and when ordering anything other than a complete set it must be specified whether left, right, or center is required.