Den-Con "Print" System Components

RFID Tag Readers and Scanners
Handheld Computer data collection devices
Handheld Computer / Data Collection Software
ODBC Link for Data-TrackerCE 4.1

Den-Con Electronics can provide handheld computers to compliment the tags, readers, and software of the patented "Print" System.

Den-Con Electronics can also provide a variety of holder or mountings for the RFID tags as well as consulting and support on the installation techniques, adhesives, software, and operational procedures to optimize the benefits of using an Auto I.D. system.

The Den-Con Electronics "Print" System was originally developed and tested for use in the energy industry. Particular emphasis was placed on the Drilling, Refining, and Production segments of the industry.

The "Print" System, however, has unlimited application and can be used anytime permanent and unique identification numbers are required. These applications could include Personal Identification, Automobiles, Security Systems, Aerospace Systems, or simple Inventory Systems.